The other dog

One might think that as I have my own blog I must be the only dog around here. But there is another – Kharma. Oh boy is she BIG!

And gentle. She’s a schmuze katze!

A schmooze what?

A cuddly cat. That’s German for “cuddly cat”.

Do the Germans have Ridgebacks?

Oh, yes. They are popular everywhere.

But what’s the German for “friendly cuddly cat”?

I don’t know. Why?

Because she’s not very friendly towards me.

Give her time. Maybe she doesn’t know how to play with a puppy.

I hope we can be friends – you bleed too easily when we play!

I hope we can be friends

I hope we can be friends


Growing up

Hey that was a bit much! I mean there is so much a puppy should put up with but being grabbed by the goolies and told “Two testicles, that’s good” is pushing it.

Well she did give you a biltong flavoured de-worming pill, that has to be some compensation. And you may as well be pleased you’ve got two now, you won’t always have them.

What do you mean? You going to get me cat-rated?

You mean castrated, yes. Can’t have you sowing your genes around the neighbourhood.

Oh well, I have a bit of growing up to do before then. And I have grown, haven’t I?

Yes, she was right about that too. You have grown noticeably in the last 10 days. A real food to fertilizer converter.

One day I will have paws this size.

One day I will have paws this size.

The Battle of the Pillow


Aftermath of the Battle of the Pillow

Aftermath of the Battle of the Pillow

Magnanimous in victory – it is important!

Are you saying you won this particular round?

Of course I am! Just look at my pose, it exudes victory!

Oh, so you deny I evicted you off the pillow in about 10 seconds?

Well, yes you did but I got back there pretty quickly.

Which particular repeat was this? The one after leaving a “puddle” on the corner of the bed. That was a bit underhand don’t you think?

Hey, I do have a size disadvantage so a puppy has to do what it has to do. All’s fair in love and war. You still love me don’t you?

Yes, I still love you.

I am Zak!


Wow, my first day in Zimbabwe and already I am cute AND posed!

This is me, Zak. I am 8.5 weeks old and a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Actually, I don’t have a ridge so I am not technically a Ridgeback but Ridgelessback doesn’t sound quite right and I am from a long line of very well bred Rigebacks so I don’t think it matters very much. But some breeders think it matters a lot and “put to sleep” their ridgeless siblings. Why they need to be “put to sleep” I have no idea – have you ever seen a puppy that cannot sleep by itself?

He means euthanaze.

Well, anyway, here I am in Zimbabwe after a long and tiring day mostly sitting in a box listening to people make silly baby-talk to me.

Well, we are not exactly going to discuss politics are we?

Phew, it was hot when I arrived at the airport. Not that I am complaining – we ridgebacks are a tough lot so we can cope with a bit of heat. And danger. My ancestors were bred to hunt lion and the ridge made them brave!

No, not quite. It was noticed that dogs with a ridge were mostly not afraid of lions but I’ll forgive you that bit of licence.

I am not the only dog here, there is another Ridgeback called Kharma and she is really big and I don’t think she’s even noticed me. It’s not like she’s jealous of my cuteness or anything like that. I will have to charm her!