I am Zak!


Wow, my first day in Zimbabwe and already I am cute AND posed!

This is me, Zak. I am 8.5 weeks old and a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Actually, I don’t have a ridge so I am not technically a Ridgeback but Ridgelessback doesn’t sound quite right and I am from a long line of very well bred Rigebacks so I don’t think it matters very much. But some breeders think it matters a lot and “put to sleep” their ridgeless siblings. Why they need to be “put to sleep” I have no idea – have you ever seen a puppy that cannot sleep by itself?

He means euthanaze.

Well, anyway, here I am in Zimbabwe after a long and tiring day mostly sitting in a box listening to people make silly baby-talk to me.

Well, we are not exactly going to discuss politics are we?

Phew, it was hot when I arrived at the airport. Not that I am complaining – we ridgebacks are a tough lot so we can cope with a bit of heat. And danger. My ancestors were bred to hunt lion and the ridge made them brave!

No, not quite. It was noticed that dogs with a ridge were mostly not afraid of lions but I’ll forgive you that bit of licence.

I am not the only dog here, there is another Ridgeback called Kharma and she is really big and I don’t think she’s even noticed me. It’s not like she’s jealous of my cuteness or anything like that. I will have to charm her!


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