Eye of the hurricane

A moment of calm

A moment of calm

They say the calm Is before the storm
And the eye of the hurricane is quiet.
But little Zak has the will
And time to kill,
So be alert for the puppy
Who is quiet!

Aw, that’s nice. You’ve written me a poem!

No, I have written a poem ABOUT you. I don’t think you really understand it.

It doesn’t matter, YOU’VE WRITTEN ME A POEM!

All right, all right. I wrote a song about Jenni once.

To music?

No, I don’t have that sort of talent.

But Jeanette does!

Yes, remind me when she gets back from South Africa. She’s not too well at the moment.

That’s OK, I’ll give her a big wet kiss to feel better!

Lawd a’mercy. Just remember to wash your tongue first, I know where it’s been.


In trouble

I am in trouble, aren’t I?

Oh yes. Why did you have to disassemble my electric razor?

Well. It sort of had that chewable appeal.

But it was NOT chewable!

No, not really. Can you fix it? You seem to be good at fixing things.

It depends if I can find the missing parts. No, I am not going to follow you all day to see if you ate them.

I don’t think I ate anything. I am not that bad! You shouldn’t have left it where I could get to it.

Oh thanks for shifting the blame.

Well even you should know the motto; Never in the field of puppy-kind has so much destruction been wrought by one so small in such a short time.

Where did you hear that?

Oh, somewhere. What does “wrought” mean?

Done. Past tense.

Oh, well,  you will get over it. Anyway, I did have a good afternoon at the microlight club didn’t I? I met a Jack Russell with an attitude, some other dogs, those girls who like to play with me and those funny other looking things that look like they should be chased.

Goats. They are goats. Yes, it was a good afternoon.

Running with Kharma

Running with Kharma

I think they might be chaseable!

I think they might be chaseable!

The insult

Your breeder has put this notice on Facebook saying how good all you pups are.

Am I mentioned?

No, not as such.

But I have my own blog!

I know, a bit of an insult really. Maybe he’s embarrassed about your lack of a ridge.

Not an issue for me. I know I’m pretty good-looking.

If not a touch vain. And you also excelled at your first puppy class but didn’t get a rosette like one of your brothers.

What’s a rosette?

A little flower-sort-of-thing made of ribbons.

Can you eat it?

Well, yes but it wouldn’t taste very nice.

Not much good to me but I bet I could shred it!

I don’t doubt it.

Understanding no

Just me!

Just me!

Which part of no are you not getting?

It has parts?

No, but it does have a meaning.

Oh. Give me some clues.

Desist. Stop doing what you are doing. What you are doing is a bad idea. In short; NO!

Ah, I think I do get the gist of it sometimes.

But not very often. Would a bit of bribery help? It seems to work most places in Zimbabwe these days. Some little reward perhaps? Food?

Ah, yes. That sounds like a GREAT idea!

OK, we’ll work on it that way. Oh, and by the way, we are going to a puppy training class tomorrow morning.

Wow, that sounds great. Lots of puppies to play with!

Well, yes and no. There may be some of that but I think a lot of it is learning the meaning of no!

Zak the Destroyer


The washing basket, I see, has already fallen.


Hmm, now the shoes. Veritably they quiver. Call the Avengers.


Actually I think we could have the plot of the next Avengers movie here. A horde of Zak clones threatens the very fabric of American society until someone discovers the secret weapon.



Biltong? Where? Someone has biltong?

No. Just kidding but I am more than a bit concerned at your chewing capacity. And I wish you would not chew me. I long for the day that I can love you without you loving me to bits – literally.

Oh, I thought you had some biltong.

Destruction in his wake

Destruction in his wake

Without me?

But you are going without me!

‘Fraid so.


There are things I have to do this afternoon where you’d be in the way.

But I would be good!

Hmm. Not so sure about that. I cannot rely on other people to catch you when I can’t!

Oh. So you will be back for walk time?

No. Much later. I am going to the opening of an art exhibition and I don’t think you are up to the crowds yet. Kharma will look after you. (And she did and you got into the fallen avocados in a big way!)

You are going without me?

You are going without me?


A good day

Hey, that was a really good day!

Yes, you did really well and exploited your “cuteness” to the max.

Why not? I had two people to play with at the Gallery Delta, another 3 at the microlight club AND I scored a ball and biltong off Mary-Ann – she’s a pushover!

All girls love a puppy

All girls love a puppy

And then I had a nice warm Kharma to sleep on when it got cold.

And only one puddle in Puddle Passage when we got back.

Hey, that wasn’t my fault, the back door was closed when I needed to go out.

Fair enough!

Day's end

Day’s end