A small setback

Why did you shut me out?

I got fed up with you using the lounge as a toilet. I really thought we’d got past that!

Hey, I just a puppy! I need time to get used to these concepts.

Yes, but you were going so well. Last night I let you out at bedtime, you had a pee then turned round, ran into the lounge and did something altogether more serious and smelly! The second time in an evening!!!

I’m sorry, will you accept a lapse of concentration?


Maybe you are expecting too much of me too soon.

I guess you are right.

May I come in now, please?

Of course.

Why have you shut me out?

Why have you shut me out?


4 thoughts on “A small setback

  1. Oh Zak, I’m sure your Dad’s odd behaviour is confusing! Why would he suddenly shut you out for no apparent reason and expect you to connect the dots? The only explanation is he hasn’t been around someone as young as you in a while and his memory slipped for a while. Now, if he gave you treats and really really effusive praise when you did what he wanted, then that would be much easier for a young fella to appreciate and want to work for more goodies! You telll him that you want only positive reinforcement and none of this cold shoulder nonsense!

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