An expensive night

Well, that was quite a night.

Yes, it was wasn’t it. One sizeable puddle on the bed, a small one on the carpet and two outside requests.

Don’t forget the spider!

How could I – I have to go and pay for that today. Why didn’t you listen to me?

Well, it looked so interesting. All those legs at funny angles and things. How was I to know it was going to bite – did you?

No, I didn’t, but I did call you because I thought it was not a good idea. Your lip certainly came up nicely too. Well, the vet was right – you are fine now. But they do charge spectacularly for after-hours consults.

Oh, I’ll pay you back!

Yes, Zak, I’m sure you will. Now please return the salt to the packet and my shoes and T-shirt to the bedroom!


4 thoughts on “An expensive night

  1. Yes, we had a very expensive night recently – of course, I had been home since 2pm, but only noticed the cat was weeing blood at 6.30pm… very much in the AH section of the evening. I checked with Dr Google,and it seems that a cat with blood in it’s wee can die after 24 horus if not treated immediately. I bundled said cat into the car unceremoniously (scratching my hand on the cat cage in the process) and raced off to the AH vets. Where it costs the sum of $215 just to walk through the door, let alone take home any medication!!! Luckily said cat is doin just fine. Shame I can’t say that about my wallet though!!!!

    • The whole experience at the vet cost all of $84 which I thought was VERY reasonable. The consult was $35 x 2 (double for after hours) and the rest was the cortisone jab and the pills. Very unlike the rest of Zim which is hellish expensive.

  2. Oh Zak, you really did land in the perfect house. Sorry to hear about the lip. Did it hurt? Were you a brave boy at the vet? May I just put a ‘flea in your ear’, so to speak? The spiders and their costs are less irritating in direct proportion to the puddles; so you might want to hold back on the puddles. It’s just a suggestion. Love from Auntie Suzanne and the Ottawa Fab 4 Chow Chows.

    • Hey Auntie Suzie and the Chow! Well, I handled it like any well bred RR puppy would – a stiff upper lip (the lower one was a bit wobbly) and a calm, unwavering gaze whilst the Vet fussed around. Must admit, he was good about it all and didn’t grab me in a personal place like Vet Clare did. Just as well – I’d have shown him! He stuck a BIG needle into the back of my neck and pushed a finger down my throat with a funny white dot on it. No big deal really. Now about the puddles…

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