Understanding no

Just me!

Just me!

Which part of no are you not getting?

It has parts?

No, but it does have a meaning.

Oh. Give me some clues.

Desist. Stop doing what you are doing. What you are doing is a bad idea. In short; NO!

Ah, I think I do get the gist of it sometimes.

But not very often. Would a bit of bribery help? It seems to work most places in Zimbabwe these days. Some little reward perhaps? Food?

Ah, yes. That sounds like a GREAT idea!

OK, we’ll work on it that way. Oh, and by the way, we are going to a puppy training class tomorrow morning.

Wow, that sounds great. Lots of puppies to play with!

Well, yes and no. There may be some of that but I think a lot of it is learning the meaning of no!


4 thoughts on “Understanding no

  1. Well that was a GREAT success – you were so well behaved! It seems that you are a little young to grasp the concept of “no”.

  2. Well, your cher papa, doesn’t know ‘no’ too well, darling, but I’m sure he’ll do his best to teach you. hugs from auntie Suzanne and your cousins, the Ottawa Fab 4 Chows

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