The insult

Your breeder has put this notice on Facebook saying how good all you pups are.

Am I mentioned?

No, not as such.

But I have my own blog!

I know, a bit of an insult really. Maybe he’s embarrassed about your lack of a ridge.

Not an issue for me. I know I’m pretty good-looking.

If not a touch vain. And you also excelled at your first puppy class but didn’t get a rosette like one of your brothers.

What’s a rosette?

A little flower-sort-of-thing made of ribbons.

Can you eat it?

Well, yes but it wouldn’t taste very nice.

Not much good to me but I bet I could shred it!

I don’t doubt it.


2 thoughts on “The insult

  1. I think you should amend your tagline to ‘unbearably cute’ or ‘impossibly cute’. Still and all, I wish I were there, he is adorable.

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