In trouble

I am in trouble, aren’t I?

Oh yes. Why did you have to disassemble my electric razor?

Well. It sort of had that chewable appeal.

But it was NOT chewable!

No, not really. Can you fix it? You seem to be good at fixing things.

It depends if I can find the missing parts. No, I am not going to follow you all day to see if you ate them.

I don’t think I ate anything. I am not that bad! You shouldn’t have left it where I could get to it.

Oh thanks for shifting the blame.

Well even you should know the motto; Never in the field of puppy-kind has so much destruction been wrought by one so small in such a short time.

Where did you hear that?

Oh, somewhere. What does “wrought” mean?

Done. Past tense.

Oh, well,  you will get over it. Anyway, I did have a good afternoon at the microlight club didn’t I? I met a Jack Russell with an attitude, some other dogs, those girls who like to play with me and those funny other looking things that look like they should be chased.

Goats. They are goats. Yes, it was a good afternoon.

Running with Kharma

Running with Kharma

I think they might be chaseable!

I think they might be chaseable!


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