Eye of the hurricane

A moment of calm

A moment of calm

They say the calm Is before the storm
And the eye of the hurricane is quiet.
But little Zak has the will
And time to kill,
So be alert for the puppy
Who is quiet!

Aw, that’s nice. You’ve written me a poem!

No, I have written a poem ABOUT you. I don’t think you really understand it.

It doesn’t matter, YOU’VE WRITTEN ME A POEM!

All right, all right. I wrote a song about Jenni once.

To music?

No, I don’t have that sort of talent.

But Jeanette does!

Yes, remind me when she gets back from South Africa. She’s not too well at the moment.

That’s OK, I’ll give her a big wet kiss to feel better!

Lawd a’mercy. Just remember to wash your tongue first, I know where it’s been.


3 thoughts on “Eye of the hurricane

    • Thanks, sort of photo that I was thinking “oh for my big camera and the detail it gives” – but spur of the moment and a cell phone had to do.

  1. Zak – what a stunning picture of you!! Look forward to seeing you on Saturday at the flying club (biltong has already been bought for you)

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