Taking in the view

Taking in the view

So what do you think of Nyanga?

Definitely some great views. Nice smells too. And nice things to eat like sheep skeletons and..

Yes, I get the picture. You were quite revolting at times. What did you think of the paragliding?

Oh that bit where you went off in the air? Don’t think I’d like to do it. But you had fun.

Yes I did. Would you like to go back there?

Only if I can find another sheep skull!



You are going without us!

You are going without us!

You are going without us! How could you?


Your two best friends and you are leaving us behind!

Well, I do try..

We are always here for you – this is desertion!

Hey, give me a break. I DO take you when I can it’s just that at Mutoroshanga there is no-one to keep an eye on you when I paraglide.

Oh, I have never been to Mutoroshanga, what’s it like Kharma?

It’s great. Nice view, lots of things to see and smell and he’s leaving us behind, again!

Well, I AM taking you to Nyanga next weekend.

That’s next weekend. We are talking NOW. How could you do this to us?