Waking up the human

Just pondering...

Just pondering…

It’s getting lighter earlier these days and I cannot see why my human should be asleep when I want to get up! Here are my tips on getting humans out of bed.

1. Yawn. Make it loud and theatrical. It’s a good subtle starter, not too extreme.

2. Lick. Anywhere will do – whatever works for you. Licking the other dog is OK too. Drives my human scatty.

3. Scratch. Most effective when you “miss” and thump your leg on the bed.

4. Get off the bed. A goodie this one as it creates a sense of panic – “He must be desperate, is he going to go in the passage?”. It works well in my bedroom as there is a trunk at the foot of the bed (to help me get onto the bed – thoughtful my human) and it makes a nice hollow thump as I get off.

5. Start a play fight with the other dog. The other dog likes to sleep in so this is not so effective for me.

6. Combine any or all of the above.

I usually start these tactics when the alarm goes off – hey, I like to help out where I can but this morning I started a good half  hour before that. Well, I’m a Ridgeback and we like to be a bit individual. I dont’ recommend this sort of thing on Sundays – it can provoke a bit of a “reaction” and Sundays are bone-days and we don’t want to compromise that do we?

I welcome feedback and any new ideas – so come on guys, lets collaborate on this one shall we?


Where has my puppy gone?

We are all grown-ups now!

We are all grown-ups now!

You are not a puppy anymore!

Well no, we do grow up you know. Is that why I only get 2 meals a day now?

Yes, vet Clare said you could grow too fast if I fed you too much.

So don’t complain when I go scrounging then.

You have ALWAYS scrounged!

Does that mean you don’t love me?

No, I just don’t love you very much when you scrounge.

Now that I am grown-up will you stop calling me “Little Zak”?

Probably not. I was still a “horrible child” at 32. I see no reason why you cannot always be Little Zak!