Home is the hunter home from the hill

Back home

Back home

You had me very worried there Little Boy. Running off like that for 3 hours.

Why? I was out having fun. Hunting is in my blood – that’s what I was bred to do.

Yes, that may be but it’s dangerous out there for unwary dogs. Snares, snakes and unscrupulous people. Where are your “partners-in-crime”?

I don’t know. We sort of got separated.

Well, I haven’t seen them around. I hope they are OK. Hopefully all the holes in the fence are fixed, for the time being at least.




Running loose

What were you doing on the road yesterday afternoon?

I was looking for you. I heard your truck on the road.

But how did you get out?

The neighbour’s dog showed me.

That little hussy is leading you astray. She’s an escape artiste of note.

But she’s so much fun! Much more energetic than Kharma.

That may be but she’s street-wise, you are not. It’s lucky we live on a farm but there are other hazards out there for wandering dogs. Snares for one. Envious people for another.


Pieces of wire that catch you around the neck and slowly strangle you. Nasty.

Nasty. But you weren’t very cross!

How could I be. You reminded me too much of Jenni who did the same thing.

Jenni was very special to you wasn’t she?

Yes. Be careful. I don’t want to lose now we are becoming close.

Ah, so you DO love me!


Staying in control at the microlight club

Staying in control at the microlight club