A literary break

Wacko Zak and
Schumze Kharma
Went to town
To find a farmer.

“There’s one there”
Said Zak to Kharma,
“We’ve found our man,
We’ll go no further”.

So Zak, The Kharma
And the farmer
Sat down and made
A deal forever.

Zak to bark
And Kharma sleep
And the farmer got
Their love to keep.

And so we end
This little saga
Of Zak, the farmer
And Schumze Kharma.

I don’t bark that much do I?

You bark rather a lot, enough to be annoying, but not as much as Kharma sleeps. Anyway, what do you think of the little poem?

It’s not going to win the Nobel Prize for literature, that’s for sure.

You’ve missed the point, I wrote a poem ABOUT you two.

Oh. Did you write poems this bad about your other dogs?

(Long sigh). Jenni got a song written about her.

A real song? To music?

Well, the music bit never got done but the words did. But as you don’t seem to appreciate my literary efforts I won’t subject you to it.


Point of view

A burst of yellow flowers on the Acacia karoo outside my bedroom

A burst of yellow flowers on the Acacia karoo outside my bedroom

Don’t you just love the yellow flowers in the dawn light?


I planted that tree 9 years ago.


It’s going to be a great day.

Where’s yesterday’s bone?

Amazing view isn’t it?


I do hope you appreciate where we are living. You could be living in town near a noisy street with annoying neighbours. We won’t always be living here.

Oh I do, I do. It’s just that it’s breakfast time!

Early morning dogs

Early morning dogs