The other side of the fence

Where did you go this afternoon, without me?

I went to talk to the dogs at the SPCA.

What’s that?

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – where they keep unwanted dogs and other animals.

You mean there are people out there who don’t like dogs? That’s sad.

Yes, very sad but they are well looked after albeit in a small space. Some have spent all their lives there.

What? You mean they have never run down a farm road and chased cows?

Nope. Nor have they held their head out of the car window and felt their ears flap. Or slept on a big, soft bed with a warm human for company.

Oh. But were they nice?

Yes, mostly they were friendly. There was one lovely, gentle, girl who’d been abandoned in the centre of town.

Hey, bring her home!

I was briefly tempted but two of you is quite enough and I’m sure somebody will fall in love with her (I had to leave before I couldn’t refuse her).

One of many cats of many colours

One of many cats of many colours

I am soft and gentle, won't you take me home?

I am soft and gentle, won’t you take me home?

So gentle and abandoned

So gentle and abandoned

A gentle older boy

A gentle older boy

More nerves than anger

More nerves than anger

Goofy, young and friendly

Goofy, young and friendly


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