The uber-twit

twit too

Disgruntled uber-twit

You really have excelled yourself this time.

Well, I do have to, you know, lick. As you may have noticed.

Yes, but this was entirely self inflicted. First you dug a hole in your back pushing through a fence and then you turned a minor injury into one that required a visit to the vet. By licking!

But you have to admit I am doing a pretty good job of destroying this collar thingy.

Yes, just like you did the last time. Please just leave it in place long enough for the hole to heal.

I’ll try!


Is it a flower? Is it a twit? It’s a twit-flower!





You are a wuss!

But it’s a seriously loud noise!

Thunder is not going to hurt you. You didn’t even notice the fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

They are different.

Yes, but it’s still a loud noise. And you even cower when the neighbour fires his .22

I can’t explain, it’s just… FRIGHTENING!

Well, please get over it, it’s really pathetic.