Let the games begin – (again!)

The first chase

The first chase

Oh yes, this is fun!

It took you 8 days.

Well I think she might be worth it even if she is a little slow.

Team players

Team players

And even Kharma is enjoying it!

Yes, bless her, she’s staying well within Roxy’s limits.

Peaceful interlude - all friends!

Peaceful interlude – all friends!

Well I’ve got to give it to her – she’s got a fair bit of stamina for one so small.

And she’s only going to get stronger.

Yes, I think she might fit in to the family.

You are so gracious.

I know!



Please play!

please play

When are you going to play with Roxy?

In my own time.

But she’s absolutely besotted by you!

Well, she can wait a bit then.

Just make the decision, go on.

In my own time.

Well at least you are letting her touch you I suppose.

Yes, but you don’t understand. It’s a process, not a decision.