tia and i

Tia and I

So what do you think of Tia?

Well, she’s not a Ridgeback.

Nor are you a Ridgeback technically speaking.

But what is she really?

Probably a Golden Retriever cross. We don’t really know as she was hanging out around my work for a few days.

What does she retrieve?

When hunters go hunting ducks and other birds she would go and get the birds that fall on the water.

But there are aren’t any ducks around here!

Nor are there any lions. But I did find a kitten in the road two days ago.

Very clever but kittens don’t count.

But hey, she’s also blonde!

And doesn’t have many manners.

No, I think she’s had a bit of a hard life but we are working on the manners. She’s a quick learner.