Goodbye Kharma

Warm. She was always warm and cuddly.


Happiness is – a warm surrogate mother.

Soft ears, puppy ears even when she was older.



First games

Loving. Very expressive eyes too.

Art of the raised eyebrow

Art of the raised eyebrow

Cheeky at times.


Don’t even think of it Zak!

She was just putting you in your place.

And clever.

Well yes but I did cheat her out of an avocado. Once.

That tail, that full-body-tail-wag and the Kharma smile, with her ears rolled back!


The Kharma smile

Yes, she was always so pleased to see you. 4 minutes or 4 days, it was all the same to her. She was just pleased to have you back.

And she was so gentle with you – tolerant.

Yes, she would always play with me.

And she was the first to play with Roxy and Tia when you didn’t want to know them.


Kharma, Zak and Roxy playing

Well I did find them annoying, at first.

She wasn’t much of a runner.


Stepping out – whilst Kharma was still the quicker of the two.

No but she’d get that look in her eye and flick up her front paws and then she’d try and knock you flying.

Come on, there's running to be done!

Come on, there’s running to be done!

Yes, that was fun. But that last run…

Not your fault my boy. The cancer was already in her leg and made it weak which was why it broke.

Is that why it took so long to heal?

Probably. But in the end it was another tumour that stopped her from eating.

Aww. I’ll miss her. She was such a gentle lady. And well-behaved too!


Gentle Kharma

Yes she was. Those big soft eyes and the ability to fit in anywhere. She could also be very manipulative. Especially with Helen.


Training Helen

She loved you.


Just the two of us

And I her. Before you were around I’d come home and she’d do several circuits of the house at full speed to show her delight. And if I’d left her inside she’d stand on my mother’s dressing table to look out of the window and check if it was really me.

Her claw marks are still there…

When she first arrived she was so nervous. I let her out of her crate in the Land Cruiser and a few minutes later she’d disappeared. Didn’t know how I was going to tell Cheryl.


Out and about in the Tsetsera mountains

Where’d she gone?

Back in her crate in the Land Cruiser! It took her a long time to settle down but then suddenly she just accepted me and I was home and she was my best friend for 7 lovely years.


Kharma in her prime. A good looking and gentle girl.

She didn’t go alone did she?

No my boy. I held her and told her how much I loved her – all the way to the end.

You’ll be there for me too won’t you?

Of course I will. Of course.

Goodbye sweet Kharma, we love you.

My brother, Duncan, and Kharma two days ago.

My brother, Duncan, and Kharma two days ago.

The last day. The eyes say it all.

The last day. The eyes say it all.



tia and i

Tia and I

So what do you think of Tia?

Well, she’s not a Ridgeback.

Nor are you a Ridgeback technically speaking.

But what is she really?

Probably a Golden Retriever cross. We don’t really know as she was hanging out around my work for a few days.

What does she retrieve?

When hunters go hunting ducks and other birds she would go and get the birds that fall on the water.

But there are aren’t any ducks around here!

Nor are there any lions. But I did find a kitten in the road two days ago.

Very clever but kittens don’t count.

But hey, she’s also blonde!

And doesn’t have many manners.

No, I think she’s had a bit of a hard life but we are working on the manners. She’s a quick learner.



The Season of Rat

I'm concentrating!

I’m concentrating!

You have a fly on the end of your nose.

Mmmm. I KNOW!

Why don’t you do something about it?

Where's that rat?

Where’s that rat?

Because there are more important things to concentrate on.

Such as?

The rat up there – somewhere.

Where’s this rat?

In the creeper.

Where HAS that rat gone?

Where HAS that rat gone?

I don’t see one.

You aren’t a Ridgeback! There IS A RAT IN THE CREEPER!

Ok, ok. I’ll leave you to it.

Thank you – I can concentrate better without you commenting.

Well, when you’ve got that one there’s at least another one in the house.




Let the games begin – (again!)

The first chase

The first chase

Oh yes, this is fun!

It took you 8 days.

Well I think she might be worth it even if she is a little slow.

Team players

Team players

And even Kharma is enjoying it!

Yes, bless her, she’s staying well within Roxy’s limits.

Peaceful interlude - all friends!

Peaceful interlude – all friends!

Well I’ve got to give it to her – she’s got a fair bit of stamina for one so small.

And she’s only going to get stronger.

Yes, I think she might fit in to the family.

You are so gracious.

I know!


Rats – there’s never just one

ratsNot again! This is becoming an obsession.

Nope. I just have to catch another one.

We. We caught the last one. I spooked the rat, and you and Kharma killed it. In fact I think you played a relatively minor role.

That’s what I mean, I have to catch another one.

You are going to get a stiff neck.

Not a problem. They will be back for more pomegranates – there’s never just one.