Rats – there’s never just one

ratsNot again! This is becoming an obsession.

Nope. I just have to catch another one.

We. We caught the last one. I spooked the rat, and you and Kharma killed it. In fact I think you played a relatively minor role.

That’s what I mean, I have to catch another one.

You are going to get a stiff neck.

Not a problem. They will be back for more pomegranates – there’s never just one.




Bliss is

Bliss is...

Bliss is…

You enjoying this scratch?


Just how good is it?




Not getting a lot of sense out of you this morning am I?


Not exactly a Big Fierce Ridgeback are we?

Will you just get on with it and stop talking!

Running free

Come on, there's running to be done!

Come on, there’s running to be done!

Do you know how lucky you are to get out and about and be able to run?

What do you mean, lucky?

There are other dogs out there who never get to see outside their garden.

No! You can’t be serious!

Afraid so. Last week I was driving around the area by the race course and I saw the silhouette of a dog under a tree. A Ridgeback.

You went to investigate?

Of course I did. She was young, about 6 months old and very sweet.

What! You didn’t bring me a girlfriend?

I did try. She came over to me and licked my face but wouldn’t get in the pickup. She didn’t even have a collar on so I’m pretty sure she’d never been out of her garden. She didn’t like it when I tried to put a lead on her either.

But you took a photo?

No, she wouldn’t keep still. I think she was just so excited to see there’s a whole world outside her garden. Eventually someone came along who knew where she came from and phoned the house and the gardener came to collect her. She didn’t like him very much but went running back down the road when the cook called.

So what else did you do?

I called VAWZ who said they’d pay the house a visit and I did offer to foster her if they decided she was too much energy to handle.

Oh yes, I’d like to run with someone who has more energy than Kharma.

Thanks Zak, I do pretty well for someone of my age!

That’s so sad. We ridgebacks need to run!

And explore and be socialized.

Did you find out her name?

Yes, it’s Rosie.

GTHS (Grand Theft Ham Sandwich)

No idea how it go there - honestly!

No idea how it go there – honestly!

What is that ham sandwich doing there?

Waiting to be eaten?

Yes, but how did it get there?

I have no idea. I just woke up and it was there. Anyway, it’s a ham and cheese sandwich.

You stole it from next door.

Well, sort of. I prefer to think of it as providing it with some company. It did look rather lonely and in need of attention.

I am actually rather impressed you didn’t eat it straight away.

I was waiting for permission…

Hmm. Well, you may as well go ahead as I don’t think the original owner will want it now.



Winter is coming

Catching the sun

Catching the sun

Hey there good looking boy!

Me? I am good looking?

Oh yes you most certainly are.

Wow, thanks. Actually it’s not that important to me.

Hmm. You are almost purring with delight at my compliment.

Purring? What’s that?

It’s what cats do when they are contented.

A cat? Where? You said CAT! I’ll chase it.

NOOOO! It’s just, just a figure of speech.

Oh. For a moment there I thought there really was one.

Well, as the subject of chasing has come up maybe we should discuss the subject of cow chasing.

You were really cross weren’t you?

Yes silly boy I most certainly was. You could get into a lot of trouble for doing that. Luckily the cows were not concerned. The manager might not be so uninterested.

I can’t help it. It’s just something I have to do.

Like barking. You have to do that too.

Yes! It’s fun too!

Not for me it’s not. It’s very tiring.

That’s because you aren’t a dog.

You don’t say. Jenni and Tina and Kim didn’t gratuitously bark.

Gratuitously. Big word that. What does it mean?

Doing something just for the sake of doing it.

So am I sitting in the sun gratuitously?

No, I don’t think so. You like the warmth now that it’s getting cooler.

I think I get it. Well, maybe not. It’s not serious. But I am good looking aren’t I?

It’s not funny

not funny2This is really not funny.

Why? I think it’s quite amusing that you are bothered by a squeaky box.

Boxes are not meant to squeak like that.

They are when you blow in them.

Please don’t, my ears don’t like it.

It’s only a toothpaste box!

You obviously just don’t understand. You are evidently not a dog.

But Kharma is a dog and she doesn’t mind.

That’s Kharma. I am Zak.



The uber-twit

twit too

Disgruntled uber-twit

You really have excelled yourself this time.

Well, I do have to, you know, lick. As you may have noticed.

Yes, but this was entirely self inflicted. First you dug a hole in your back pushing through a fence and then you turned a minor injury into one that required a visit to the vet. By licking!

But you have to admit I am doing a pretty good job of destroying this collar thingy.

Yes, just like you did the last time. Please just leave it in place long enough for the hole to heal.

I’ll try!


Is it a flower? Is it a twit? It’s a twit-flower!