Please play!

please play

When are you going to play with Roxy?

In my own time.

But she’s absolutely besotted by you!

Well, she can wait a bit then.

Just make the decision, go on.

In my own time.

Well at least you are letting her touch you I suppose.

Yes, but you don’t understand. It’s a process, not a decision.


The play begins

You two are getting on better now.

Yes, she plays well, but she is so strong!

Well I think Kharma plays very gently with you considering her strength and weight. She even lets you get the upper hand now and again.

But this morning she really gave me a telling off!

Well, she’s no longer young and an older dog must be respected – she doesn’t want to play ALL the time. I hope you remember how gentle she’s been with you when you get big and strong.

Oh I will!

And I will remind you…

Let the play begin!

Let the play begin!