The chase

Back from the chase

Back from the chase

A good chase then, give them something to worry about did you?

Oh yes, I really had them on the hop! It’s why we Rhodesian Ridgebacks are feared the world over.

Which is why they were flicking their tails at you?

Of course, it’s a reedbuck’s way of surrendering. You know, the white flag and all that.

I think it’s more like flicking the middle finger that we humans do.

Really? Well, they need to think that they are winning.


So they won’t mind being chased again tomorrow!


Home is the hunter home from the hill

Back home

Back home

You had me very worried there Little Boy. Running off like that for 3 hours.

Why? I was out having fun. Hunting is in my blood – that’s what I was bred to do.

Yes, that may be but it’s dangerous out there for unwary dogs. Snares, snakes and unscrupulous people. Where are your “partners-in-crime”?

I don’t know. We sort of got separated.

Well, I haven’t seen them around. I hope they are OK. Hopefully all the holes in the fence are fixed, for the time being at least.



I am Zak!


Wow, my first day in Zimbabwe and already I am cute AND posed!

This is me, Zak. I am 8.5 weeks old and a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Actually, I don’t have a ridge so I am not technically a Ridgeback but Ridgelessback doesn’t sound quite right and I am from a long line of very well bred Rigebacks so I don’t think it matters very much. But some breeders think it matters a lot and “put to sleep” their ridgeless siblings. Why they need to be “put to sleep” I have no idea – have you ever seen a puppy that cannot sleep by itself?

He means euthanaze.

Well, anyway, here I am in Zimbabwe after a long and tiring day mostly sitting in a box listening to people make silly baby-talk to me.

Well, we are not exactly going to discuss politics are we?

Phew, it was hot when I arrived at the airport. Not that I am complaining – we ridgebacks are a tough lot so we can cope with a bit of heat. And danger. My ancestors were bred to hunt lion and the ridge made them brave!

No, not quite. It was noticed that dogs with a ridge were mostly not afraid of lions but I’ll forgive you that bit of licence.

I am not the only dog here, there is another Ridgeback called Kharma and she is really big and I don’t think she’s even noticed me. It’s not like she’s jealous of my cuteness or anything like that. I will have to charm her!